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We develop tailor made software & hardware solutions to provide the simple & efficient building control. Our software sits over Building Energy Management Systems and metering to enable real time data collection and interpretation alongside real time modal control options.

We provide hardware solutions that bridge the current gaps in building metering and control.

Often this requires additional sub metering, controllers and outstations, and this also encompasses the repair and replacement of incumbent controls.


Modal control is fundamental to empowering building users to take control. They can simply change from pre-set modal operations of cleaning, out-of-hours, in-hours and exceptional events.


Spherical has been developed as a consequence of our consultancy services.

Spherical is a consultancy and technology service solution that saves clients energy and maintenance costs.


Spherical software is available for apple, android & windows products.


We provide building audits, energy & system audits, plus key interviews to build user and building profiles.

We prepare standard operating procedures & turn these into a process that empowers building users to act upon utility & sub metered data with real time, simple modal operating options.


Make your building operate more efficiently both in terms of energy costs & maintenance costs, whilst giving building users a simple control interface designed around a building type and operations.

We provide modal building control to keep operations simple.

Energy - Monitor. Manage. Demand.

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